The four books in the Pen Pal Sisterhood series are light-hearted romantic comedies set throughout the United States. In The Pen Pal Sisterhood, pen pal connections between four young girls lead to a lifelong friendship. Now, they’re all looking for love in two sweet and two spicy romances.

Loves Me, Loves Me Not
Loves Me, Loves Me Not

Elementary school principal Katherine Tipton is used to dealing with mischievous children and parents who think their little angels are perfect. But the problems she’s having with one unruly pupil are nothing compared to the trouble she finds herself facing with the little girl’s far too attractive father.

Single dad Steven Walker made a fortune designing wacky computer games for kids. He faces life’s challenges with a devil-may-care attitude and supports the way his lively daughter colors outside the lines.

Despite Kathrine’s all business view on life, Steven’s convinced there’s a passionate and high-spirited woman beneath her strait-laced exterior. He’s determined to show her you can follow the rules but still have fun in life.

Try as she might to counter his easy-going ways, the good-looking creative genius charms his way into her life. Can two opposites find a common meeting point to a forever love?

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His Make Believe Wife
His Make Believe Wife

When CEO Jack Hanford hires Rachael Reeves as spokeswoman for his chain of family restaurants, there’s a shocking twist in the fine print. Not only will Jack join Rachael for the Midwest promotional tour, but they’ll be posing as husband and wife!

Shy Rachael thinks she can keep up her side of the publicity stunt with Jack as long as the handsome CEO keeps a respectful distance. But Jack can’t seem to resist getting close to Rachael and before long, she’s falling for him.

Jack has no intention of changing their make-believe marriage to a real one, so his meddling relatives come to the rescue. They cook up a delicious scheme they hope will bring Jack and Rachael together. Will Jack take the bait and find true happiness at last with Rachael?

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Love Be a Lady
Love Be a Lady

After Reno blackjack dealer Casey Madison helps Jeff Haley catch a card cheater, she knows better than to let herself fall for the gorgeous PI. After a string of loser boyfriends, Casey’s clearly lousy at picking men.

Jeff doesn’t believe in love, especially when it involves a wacky blonde named Casey. But thanks to a mix-up, scandalous photos from Jeff’s latest case end up on Casey’s flash drive instead of his own.

But before Jeff can get the thumb drive from Casey, she mails it to her sister in San Diego. Jeff’s ready to fly down to get the photos, but Casey insists she go with him. And, oh yeah, she’s afraid to fly so they have to drive.

A long car trip to Southern California with the irresistibly sexy blonde sounds bad enough. But then it turns into a tri-state road trip with the card cheater in hot pursuit, bent on revenge. Of course, Jeff has to protect Casey. But can he protect himself from falling head over heels for her?

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Sweet Dream Lover
Sweet Dream Lover

Kat Roth and Mark Denham have plenty in common—they’re CEOs of rival Seattle-area candy companies, they’re both in feverish pursuit of number one status in the nation and they were both once married…to each other. Their brief venture into matrimony, an explosive mix of hot passion and all-out war, has made Kat and Mark wary of love and leery of the sparks between them.

Enter Fritz, Mark’s accident-prone young cousin who’s on a secret matchmaking mission. With the collusion of Kat’s father, Fritz concocts a joint Roth-Denham charity campaign that brings the two confectionery arch-enemies together at glitzy fundraising events.

As the campaign proceeds, Kat and Mark eventually end up in the one place their marriage always worked—in bed. All seems well until the ultimate betrayal tears them apart, and Fritz’s plans seem destined for failure. It will take true love—and a generous helping of chocolate—to finally reunite Mark and Kat forever.

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