The three books in the Transcendent Love series are sensual paranormal and science fiction romances. You’ll find suspense elements in all three.

Hearts Redemption
Hearts Redemption

When Kyra Aimes’ alcoholic and abusive husband died last year, he left her teetering on the brink of bankruptcy before she’d even reached her 30s. Now she swears to never let herself be so vulnerable again. Love is for others, she’d rather live her life alone.

Randon Bolton made a mistake, one he can’t forgive himself for. He’s trying to outrun his demons by taking short term jobs and always moving on to the next one in a vain hope of redemption. With salvation always out of reach, he’s better off by himself.

Long dead teen sweethearts Laura and Johnny just want to be in one another’s arms. But something went wrong years ago and they are tethered to the car that killed them. What will it take to release them forever?

For the living and the dead, their lives and future are intertwined. The key to unlocking the ghostly teens’ bondage on Earth is both simple and impossible. Kyra and Randon have to fall in love.

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Dark Whispers
Dark Whispers

Liz Madison would rather meet the ghost of Hoyo del Diablo cavern than get anywhere near the handsome and ruthless Ethan Winslow. But a temporary marriage to Ethan is the only way she can join his science team for a new underground experiment.

Living as husband and wife belowground, Liz bounces between a powerful attraction for Ethan and complete exasperation with his arrogance. Then the fabled Hoyo del Diablo ghost appears to Liz with a warning. An evil entity haunts the cavern, and that dark spirit wants to kill all the humans invading its realm.

As Liz considers how to tell her temporary husband about the ghost’s warning, the evil entity takes control of Ethan. Can Ethan be trusted to see the truth? Will he fight for their survival and their newfound happiness? Or will he give in to the darkness that will lead to their deaths?

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Till the Stars Fade
Till the Stars Fade

In the year 2123, humanity has pushed beyond Earth into the solar system and unlocked the secrets of life with genetic engineering. But some, like bold and reckless shuttle pilot Krys Krysynowski, see the redesign of human DNA as an abomination and a threat to humanity.

Krys works secretly with SEIS, a group opposed to all forms of gene-tweaking. They send her to the asteroid-based laboratory of the lone-wolf geneticist, Ian Llewellyn, to sabotage Ian’s latest project.

But Ian’s single-minded passion to conquer all human disease turns Krys’s entire belief system upside down. Even worse, her intense attraction for Ian shakes her to the core.

Then she discovers the truth about Ian, and she faces a choice. Betray him and her growing love for him. Or take a risk that might keep her at his side—but will most likely end her life.

If you enjoy sensual futuristic romance with a twist of intrigue and adventure, you’ll love Till the Stars Fade. Buy your copy now!