Book Series

Hart Valley

Seven sensual and emotional small-town romances.

Pen Pal Sisterhood Series

Pen Pal Sisterhood

Four laugh out loud romantic comedies, two sweet, two spicy.

Everlasting Love

Three sensual paranormal romances with larger than life heroes.

Janelle Watkins Investigations

Two mysteries featuring an edgy woman PI who investigates crimes in a small Northern California town.

What’s a Slow Burn Romance?

Slow Burn romances follow the characters as they fall in love gradually, giving readers a realistic and genuine romantic experience. Yes, there's plenty of sexual tension and the sex, when it happens, is descriptive. But you won't see it on page 1, and not until it’s clear the hero and heroine are on the path to love.

I have four Slow Burn series:

The Hart Valley books are set in a fictional small town in Northern California. These Slow Burn romances include themes of secret babies, second chances, and redemption as well as some light suspense.

The Pen Pal Sisterhood books are light-hearted romantic comedies set throughout the United States. After pen pal connections between four young girls lead to a lifelong friendship, they lend each other support in finding true love in two sweet and two Slow Burn romances.

The Everlasting Love books are Slow Burn paranormal and science fiction romances with hard-working, adventurous heroines and dark, mysterious heroes. You’ll find suspense in all three.

The Janelle Watkins Investigations books are mysteries featuring an edgy woman PI and her law enforcement former flame who team up to investigate crimes in a small Northern California town. There's a bit of Slow Burn romance in these books.

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